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Dealerships and delinquency management businesses. iMetrik 3.5G GPS Tracking units in Real-Time designed for "Buy here pay here dealers", "finance companies", "Rental companies".

Our quality iMetrik real-time 3.5G GPS Tracking units offer a powerful asset for tracking your investment enabling you to monitor and track your vehicle with real-time maps at any time of the day or night. Our solution is a complete credit-risk management system giving you a piece of mind for today and a return on your investment (ROI). Auto finance companies are recognizing the benefits of using our delinquency management solutions, especially in a complicated credit environment: Our solutions allow these companies to diminish their risk.

For a live demonstration or purchase call 302-436-4240.

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Here’s Why.

  • Reduces skips
  • Decreases repossessions 
  • Cuts delinquencies
  • Boosts on-time payment
  • Intuitive web-based user interface.
  • Fantastic asset management functions: search vehicles, create vehicle groups, location history to name a few.
  • Remote functions: locate vehicle, starter interrupt, warning alarms.
  • Schedules.
  • Advanced Mapping and more...

iMETRIK Real Time 3.5G GPS Tracking Units,
with less overhead and stress.

Here’s Why.

  • No Month-To-Month FEES.
  • No Yearly Contract FEES.
  • No Activation FEES.
  • No Yearly Subscription FEEs
  • No yearly Re-activation
  • No Yearly Web Service FEES
  • No Contract so No Early termination FEES
  • No Renewal FEES
iMetrik 3.5G tracking unit uses Freedom pay as you go
credit system with each unit purchased.
Receive 100 credits for each unit that are pooled and never expire!


IMETRIK 3.5G GPS tracking units are the Most Reliable, Robust,  
and Technologically Advanced 3.5G GPS tracking Devices on the market today.

Here’s Why.

  • Highest Quality - Engineered only with premium quality industrial-grade components for maximum reliability and performance. All components are specifically selected and configured for IMETRIK 3.5G GPS tracking units. We don’t use antennas designed for radios, nor batteries meant for other electronics. Everything is optimized for rugged GPS use. IMETRIK 3.5G GPS tracking units are durable and robust, regardless of the climate and wear and tear.
  • Heat Resistant Durability - IMETRIK uses silicon SIM chips – NOT plastic SIM cards – ensuring heat resistance and long term durability. A GPS device is not a mobile phone. IMETRIK uses only silicon SIM chips which won’t melt, warp, or otherwise get damaged in the heat like plastic SIM cards which are commonly used in phones, and in competitive GPS tracking units.
  • Most Precise Geo-Location - Advanced satellite triangulation resulting in the most precise geo-location to within 12 feet of your asset.  IMETRIK 3.5G GPS tracking units are configured to receive simultaneous transmissions from a system of US satellites, so that you can pinpoint your asset’s position with incredible precision; generally to within 12 feet of its location, and not merely within 1 or 2 city blocks.
  • Unlimited Geo-Zones - Unrestricted IMETRIK Landmark Service allowing unlimited geo-zone notifications. The Landmark Services feature allows you to create an unlimited number of geo-zones on a US map (such as tow-lots and service centers) for your automatic Daily Locates, or upon performing any Locate command, you will receive a notification for any assets located in these areas.
  • Super Clear Signal - Custom-built antennas provide a clear signal for optimal performance. IMETRIK antennas are not random components also used in radios or phones. In contrast, they are specifically designed, configured and calibrated for GPS under-dash usage in harsh environments, and are simply superior. They are so sensitive they can pick up even weaker signals, yet they filter out static and interference.
  • GPS Readings Every Second - IMETRIK 3.5G GPS tracking units take automatic geo-location readings every second, providing secure information of your asset’s location. If a device loses its GPS fix because the vehicle just entered an underground garage for example, but it can still be reached via the network, it will provide the vehicle’s Last Known Position (i.e.: its location just before entering the garage), allowing you to confidently track your assets.
  • Optimized Circuitry - IMETRICK’s circuitry protects the device and saves your asset’s power supply. IMETRIK 3.5G GPS tracking units have special circuitry to withstand overloading from even the highest power spikes from commercial trucks. The device is protected against power surges, and when it “sleeps,” it minimizes power consumption from your asset’s battery.
  • Best GPS Data Transmission - IMETRIK 3.5G GPS tracking units operate on the GSM network, delivering the most efficient GPS data communication and performance. Because of the way the information is encoded and modulated, 3.5G GPS data transmission yields optimum speed and accuracy. Qualcomm Inc., the organization that defines technology standards, have confirmed that when 4G/LTE eventually becomes the standard, all carriers will operate on GSM technology, not CDMA. As the IMETRIK platform already operates on GSM, it will continue to support new generations whereas CDMA will be obsolete.

For a live demonstration or purchase call 302-436-4240. Bulk purchase discounts available !

Rely on our powerful 3.5G technology today, and enjoy peace of mind deep into the future.